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Data Backup & Recovery


Data backup transfer to external device

Protect your computer's files and documents from a hard drive crash.


automatic data backup to internal/external hard drive or NAS

We'll install and configure your internal/external hard drive software and drivers.


hard drive sanitizing

All files on your hard drive will be erased so you can dispose of your computer with complete certainty that your personal information is safe.


Data recovery

Data Recovery Services cover many factors of Lost or Corrupted by Windows and Hard Drive Boot Problems, some of the most common services are listed below:

  • Windows Failure; data recovery, transfer and backup
  • Macintosh Failure: data recovery, transfer and backup
  • Virus Attack / Damage
  • Unrecognized USB 2.0 / FireWire (IEEE-1394 a/b) external hard drives
  • Boot Disk Failure; MBR Erased; Clicking Noises
  • Hard Drive Failure; data recovery, transfer and backup
  • Operating System Not Found / Booting
  • Recycle Bin Recover
  • Desktop & Laptop emails, addresses and documents recovery, transfer and backup
  • Missing / Formated Partitions


A most common problem of data loss that individuals and businesses alike have experienced are the situations when you are not able to access data in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook). We can handle situations with the most common causes for such Office File failures being:

  • Computer viruses and worms
  • Application crashes
  • System shutdown
  • Power outages
  • Hard disk or media failures
from $99 to $499



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